Derived from a Polynesian word meaning free, Kaenon (pronounced: KAY-nun) was founded in 2001 by two brothers who wanted to create a better sunglass. Unsatisfied with the sunglasses that were available on the market, they developed a proprietary polarized lens and wrapped it in unique frame styles and color treatments to match their active lifestyles.

The sunglasses Kaenon created were quickly adopted by world-class athletes ranging from sailing to golf, from baseball to fishing. However, unlike other sport sunglass brands available at the time, athletes did not remove their sunglasses as they left the field. They discovered that, for the first time, their “lifestyle” sunglass performed just as well as their previously worn “sport performance” sunglass, both on and off the field of play.

Today, we continue to lead the sunglass industry after introducing the optically superior SR-91 polarized lens, pioneering advanced prescription technology and infusing comfort and style into every piece of eyewear we create. All of this is done to fulfill our own need for eyewear that performs in any situation, regardless of where we take it. We are proud to showcase a collection of eyewear, designed in Newport Beach and hand-painted in Italy, that embodies our commitment to premium craftsmanship and a strong desire to never compromise quality, comfort or performance.

With roots deep in the world of competitive sailing, we continue to expand the Kaenon ethos into nearly every active sport and lifestyle movement, providing the perfect blend of comfort, protection, style and clarity to those who seek to live their lives free of compromise.


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