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MEC Paddlefest Toronto….

Anytime when you bring the paddling community together it is going to be good times, but this year was fantastic…The 2011 Toronto Paddlefest was the biggest year to date with with about 1000 people on the water over the two days taking classes or trying boats. The weather forcast wasn’t the best but that didn’t dampen anyones spirits.

Our C4 Waterman/BWSC boards were on the water for the full SUP clinics, and when not in a clinic out for a demo.  As well was great to see all the paddlers in there Level Six gear as well lots of buzz and complaints with Hooligan Gear

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If you missed us make sure to head out to Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival this weekend (06/17 – 06/19) down at Mooney’s Bay


Demo season begins….

Last weekend I was over in Ottawa for the MEC Paddlefest at Mooney’s Bay….

Weather was damp and chilly in the am but sun peaked throughout the day, alot of people on the water in all types of watercraft taking part in demo’s, lesson and courses.  Overall a great day with some great people on the water.

High interest in the new boards and Kahuna Big Stick, great reviews with the C4 Classic as well as the BW SHUBU as well was great to see a lot of paddles sporting their Level Six gear…

If you missed us we will be at MEC Paddlefest in a couple weeks in Toronto (June 11, 12) and then back to Ottawa for the Dragon Boat Festival (June 17-19).  See you all soon on the water