Boardworks Hybrid Paddle – Gear Review

Great review from SUP Connect for our Boardworks Hybrid Paddle


Hybrid Carbon/Fiberglass Paddle by Boardworks.


Affordable Performance – The hybrid construction offers quality and pricepoint

The Boardworks Hybrid Carbon/Fiberglass SUP Paddle features a shaft that is ovalized for a more ergonomic feel, with a reduced diameter that fits a wide range of paddlers and greatly reduces fatigue. The handle is a comfort grip T handle that curves into the palm of your hand. It has excellent strength to weight ratio with performance flex characteristics. The blade has less surface area high up where it passes the rail, with more “meat” in the water where you need it for that extra power in every stroke. The blade width is 8.25″. Available blade colors are Natural Black, Painted Gloss White and Gloss Yellow.

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The Hybrid Carbon/Fiberglass SUP Paddle offers an impressively attractive balance among performance, durability, and price point. The lightweight properties of carbon mixed with the durability and affordability features of firberglass makes this paddle an excellent choice for those looking for affordable performance and durability in a SUP paddle.